Sea crab or Black Crab



Sea crab or a black crab species that live in the sea. The carapace is oval dykes black and red or dark brown border between the eyes with four spines on each side , the lateral eyes on each side 8-9 barbed claws I have spiked the other leg spineless growth by molting . The rear edge of the carapace to expose the new crust is thin, which is called the crab carapace.

Structure of a sea crab
Crab has a header with a combination. This section has a carapace covering. Appearance is noticeable torso of laying a thin sheet called "Habpigg" folded under the carapace. Habpigg organ is used as buoyancy carries the mother's egg crab. It is also the organ that is used in female sexual differentiation Habpigg will look wider than the rounded ends of the males. It has a slender and narrow. Carapace of crab -shaped eggs are narrower than the width of the carapace length in front of the eye with six spikes and barbed by the same sort of look to the left side - the right side of the carapace and 9 .

The eye of the crab has a small number of sensitive moving things around. It also assists in the eyestalk holds the eye to the outside and shrink back into it.

Crab has five pairs of legs, the first pair of legs in front of the large so-called "claw" end split into two pronged claw -like pincers to capture prey and protect the skin, End of legs 2-4 with a cape called "walking leg s" do the walking motion of the legs, with 5 being the last pair. "I swim" also known as "pie".

Habitats and the spread of the crab
Crabs found widely distributed in brackish water with mangroves and tidal estuaries . By digging holes under the roots or the soil around the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea coast, especially in an area with abundant mud beach or playing with coppice and mangrove

The mangroves

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