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Steps crab aquaculture of nine stars farms
Breeding sea crabs or crab into a soft shell crab

  1. Crab species selection
  2. Aquaculture
  3. Culture of care and feeding
  4. Molting

Crab species selection
Crab species that used to be used as breeding species, the crab size, Minimum weight is 70 grams or size cannot cover the pass. The largest is about 120 grams and will be paved with reduced strength. Organs are complete. Crab will grow faster. Harvesting and sell faster. Crab species cultured came from Myanmar and local crab.

Culture of care and feeding
Will have to check in every day to feed the crabs to molt. It will check every 4 hours without losing traction under the bridge that was created. If the box has two sheets, one indicator that is stain and one is a crab molt itself. After the crab out of the camera we will have to bring crab soaked in fresh water and oxygen to secrete salt and dirt to stop the erection of a crab.
Food for aquaculture fish farm nine stars used to make meatballs, chopped into small pieces, and some foods feeding it to every other day
or depending on the eating of crabs.

Crabs normally takes about two months water is one of the two water from 15 days to 45 days on average, but sometimes it has to be covered and called " Two crab shell " when it can drop to 2-3 days for shrimp ponds as well .Platform support and plastic baits in the pond ,the pond will look like shrimp. 


A depth of about two meters, with doors for drainage - the two -door or a single, Center of the pond do not walk between cars across the pond and sun roof . For a walk to crab baits to monitor and store the plastic support pad use PVC pipe 1-2 inches in diameter from 10 to 20 meters long raft comes with a number of 4- cylinder transverse bamboo laid across a distance just to accommodate the plastic box containing crab .

Most often it is time consuming. And rare problems have damaged the plastic cap with a holes punch box so easy to see how a crab molting and a channel for feeding. Crabs fed only by putting a plastic box of the first party. 


When crabs molt then it will take to clean up the brush and put it in the sun before returning to again.




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