How to order

How to order

1.request a quotation. Send a message box in front of us. (I get fiber in the daily quotation to customers 3 days)

2. Duration of the order and on time delivery,

Customers call or email an order in advance

  •  If the product ordered is in stock at least 5 days.
  • The produce need to new products or changes in product specifications. Order at least 14 days. (depending on volume)

3.The shipping and packaging

  • The Company's refrigerated car delivery companies we own. Or delivery to customer service delivery. (The car company runs two times per week.

Are Monday and Friday)

4.In case of, If you want to move the date / time of receipt or changes in the product.

  • Customers must be at least two days before the appointment.

5.In case of cancel the order

  • Customers need to confirm the cancellation of the order at least 1 day before the date of shipment.

For new customers

For the convenience of customers, we have all three ways.

(1) Contact us  by telephone

Khun Chaowalit Thammasunthorn  / Go.Ood (66)081-892-4932

Khun Thantawit Thammasunthorn / K.eark (66)089-728-5991
(2) Contact us by visit the website go and write that. The process of ordering and payment, Select the button Order form, To download the form.

Customers can order from by catalog and the number of the desired product when the selected item please reply back and Sales responsible for return

will contact within that day or the next day.

(3) Contact us by email

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